Mimo Improves Their User Interface Again

August 15, 2011

Golden frog has just released another beta version of the Mimo Usenet Browser, with the great feel and performance that is native to the browser, as well as an improvement to its user interface coupled with bug fixes and new functionalities that continue to put it at the forefront of Usenet browsers.

This new version, christened version 0.2.3 introduced the Action Bar which makes it easy for navigation because it holds the most commonly used commands. The action bar acts as a dashboard to your Usenet sessions. Here you can open newsgroups, download content, reply to posts and even control your download queue.

mimo new update

The search and filter bars have also been changed to match the reformed look of the new version. While this beta release goes a long way to make Mimo easy to use, the Golden frog team is already showing signs for the direction in the near future. You should be expecting to the least new ways of picture manipulation and thumbnail presentation, more advanced filtering and more precise information on active downloads.

Mimo is the most efficient browsers for browsing the complete retention from Giganews, and was especially designed and built by golden frog, and is known to be faster, offer better search functions as well as one of the most advanced image viewing for Usenet browsers today. Despite all these good points going for it, the developers are constantly pushing the limits of their creation.

There are many reasons why you should choose MIMO for your Usenet browser if you are not already using it; Mimo offers a great integrated search option and it comprises two of the best Search engines on the Usenet; Golden Frog Usenet Search and NZbindex search at no additional cost.

Moreover Mimo is free for the diamond users of Giganews, and the browser verifies the downloaded files for integrity to make sure that you always have the best quality of files at the end of the download process. The giganews accelerator technology that is built into this browser also optimizes the connections for faster downloads, giving you great value and offering you the best possible experience also.

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