Maxxo Launches Cloud Torrent Download Feature

September 5, 2012

Maxxo added a feature to its cloud file storage service that allows users to download torrents directly to their shared folders. According to an article in TorrentFreak, the service was found to perform well and may give Maxxo something of a competitive edge over Dropbox, which is currently the leader in cloud file storage.

Competing with Dropbox

There was an app that could be added to the Dropbox service for a while that allowed the same functionality. Dropbox, however, decided to ban the app because they were worried about copyright infringement issues, according to TorrentFreak. Maxxo apparently saw an opportunity in this and decided to offer the ability to download torrents directly to shared directories as a native feature in its cloud hosting service.

The Service

Maxxo users only have to add a torrent file to one of their cloud hosting directories and the application will take care of the rest. It will automatically start downloading the file and that file will be synchronized as would any other file on the Maxxo service.

Maxxo claims that the service is completely anonymous and that they are the only service currently offering this capability, according to the TorrentFreak article.

Maxxo only works on the Windows operating platform at present. It does work on mobile devices, however. The cloud hosting service functions as most others do, allowing users to easily synchronize their devices to their cloud resources.

The service can be tried out for free, which comes with a five gigabyte limit on storage. The BitTorrent service only allows you to have two BitTorrent files downloading at the same time. If you upgrade to a paid account, your storage limit goes up, you can download 10 torrent files at a time and your transfer limits are increased, as well, according to the company.


BitTorrent is currently the most popular service used for transferring large amounts of data, but USENET provides another option. One of the primary differences between the two options is that subscribers to a USENET service get a direct connection to the server and, in most cases, they’re offered the option to get multiple connections to that server. On a BitTorrent service, users are limited to however many seeds for the file are available and download speed is never guaranteed. Additionally, most USENET providers offer a secure connection, which encrypts any of the data downloaded so that it cannot be spied upon.

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