Maraschino Review

Maraschino ReviewMaraschino is designed for Linux users who want to be able to manage their home theater from anywhere. The program is based on XBMC and is completely open source. The program can also be accessed from anywhere via the web, whether anywhere means at your workplace or when you’re sitting on your couch and you don’t want to get up and manually work the controls on your home theater.

The Features

Maraschino has a host of features that are designed to make it easier to download, organize and view the content that you have on your computer. Downloading comes by way of SABnzbd+, one of the most popular USENET downloaders and, it happens, one of the most efficient. Not only does this program download content when you need it to, it can also serve as a way to search the Internet for new content, making it much easier to find the newest releases.

This program is also integrated with Transmission and uTorrent. You can control these programs from the Maraschino interface and, like the rest of the controls, they are accessible over the Internet. Sickbeard is also integrated with this program, giving you access to its many features and making it much easier to manage your downloads.

XBMC Eden is required to use Maraschino. Reviews by users on Reddit have generally been positive and indicate that the program is very well-designed and able to perform as advertised.

On the Maraschino site, a host of other features are listed. Not only can Maraschino let you know about the disk space that you have remaining, allow you to search the USENET, use a module and provide you with an easy way to browse through your media library, it can even give you the weather.

For users on Linux, Maraschino may be a great addition, particularly if you happen to be a multimedia enthusiast. If you like good aesthetics with the programs that you use, Maraschino can even accommodate you there. It has a feature that allows you to enjoy full-screen background images if you want something impressive to look at on your screen. Select the correct option, and those background images will automatically change to the fan art associated with the content that you are currently viewing, making for a nice theme and some great visual consistency between the program that you’re using to manage your home theater and the content you’re actually watching on your home theater.

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