Maintenance Release Out for SABnzbd

March 29, 2012

SABnzbd 0.6.15 is out and ready for use. This is a popular newsreader, partially because of its flexibility and, in great regard, because it is free. Keeping it up to date ensures that all of its many functionalities work as intended.

The Update

The SABnzbd version 0.6.15 that was released on February 3 represents a maintenance update. There are no major changes to the newsreader, so the update won’t involve having to learn any new features or requirement for using it. The improvements, according to the forums for the software, include:

  • An extended menu for OSX that provides troubleshooting options.
  • The ability to flag post processing as failed if the files cannot be moved or copied to the destination.
  • A change in the newzbin URL

For Linux users, there are also changes.

  • Locale construction can be moved from Plush skin to Python code.
  • A new setting allows the use of the pickle library instead of cPickle.

Why Bother Updating?

The changes in SABnzbd may seem small, but updating software is always a good idea. Maintenance releases oftentimes add a bit of stability to the products updated and, for regular users, that means better performance. If you’re a heavy user of SABnzbdb, you’ll definitely want to get the update. Downloading maintenance releases oftentimes means that your downloads for major updates are quicker, as you’ll have the prerequisite updates installed already.

Why SABnzbd Is Cool

SABnzbd has gotten loyal following by offering integrated features that make it very easy and convenient to use. There are extensions that you can add on for Firefox, Android OS and Mac OS. This allows it to be used more conveniently with your web browser and other technologies, providing you with a richer USENET experience all around.

The SABnzbd reader also has a great interface, which has been kept modern by developers over the years. USENET may be a venerable old system, but it’s still very much a dynamic service and the newsreaders that people use benefit from being kept up to date in every regard, including both in looks and functionality.

If you need a great newsreader, SABnzbd may be something you want to try. The new improvements should make it smoother and easier to use for Mac and Linux users, though it was already a top quality choice for those operating systems before the maintenance updates. The many other add-ons available only enhance its functionality and make it more useful.

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