Like Spoilers? Try USENET!

July 19, 2012

Summer means that blockbuster movies come out almost every week. Since the Internet has been around, finding out what to expect in these movies has become something of a tradition among fans, particularly among fans in the sci-fi and fantasy genres. A blog on NewsDemon’s site reveals that some spoilers are being tossed around newsgroups for one of the biggest movies: Star Trek 2.

To Spoil or Not to Spoil?

Star Trek 2 just wrapped up production and people are already speculating about what might be in it. Some claim to have inside information, of course, but many don’t. Of course, most of them probably don’t have inside information, but tossing speculation about upcoming movies back and forth on USENET is a pretty old tradition and people do tend to have fun with it.

The problem with spoilers, of course, is that some people want to discuss a movie but don’t want to know any specific information about it before they actually see it. On the USENET system, moderators can provide one solution to this but, of course, that means that a form of censorship is in place and people may not appreciate that.

Another solution is to use what’s called “spoiler space”. This is very easy and very effective. If you know spoiler information about a movie and don’t want to make anyone mad by tipping them off to it, put “SPOILER” before the relevant information and use at least 25 lines to push the information down the page. In most people’s newsreaders, this will force them to scroll down to read the spoiler or, if they choose, it will allow them to close out the article before they read it.

There is another option that involves using a cypher. It’s called ROT13 and it’s a very simple substitution cypher. All you do to use it is substitute each letter of the alphabet in your post for the one indicated in the cypher.

What About the Spoilers?

We won’t give you any of the spoilers here, but suffice it to say that there’s a lot of chatter going on about Star Trek 2 and other movies on the USENET newsgroups right now. Because the USENET does tend to have a lot of fans among the very technologically savvy portion of the population, you can be sure you’ll find plenty of fun and, sometimes, revealing information about upcoming movies. Just be polite and at least flag your spoilers before you put them on a newsgroup so you don’t ruin anyone’s fun!

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