Law Enforcement Data Leak in Arizona Is LulzSec the Culprit?

August 15, 2011

lulzsec-screenshotThe anti-immigration law in Arizona has been turning quite a few heads in recent years, but apparently, Arizona law enforcement have been on the radar of the well-known hackers, LulzSec.

Last year, the Arizona state government initiated a law, SB1070, that did not pass, but was surrounded by a wave of controversy. In an effort to out the law enforcement officials for alleged racial profiling, LulzSec leaked tons of classified documents and correspondence between state officials.

The leak incorporated several types of private intelligence, private e-mail correspondence between state officials, names and contact numbers for involved parties, as well as several other documents.

LulzSec has made it clear that they are not in favor of the strict law by giving the law enforcement officials a heavy dose of disaster. It is unknown exactly how much the leak will affect government officials and law enforcement.

In other news about LulzSec, one of their members was allegedly arrested by Scotland Yard for what is perceived to be illegal use of computers. Scotland Yard in the UK reports that they arrested a young man, 19 years of age, for violating the Fraud Act and the Computer Misuse Act.

LulzSec is very active in launching attacks on various government agencies and security centers like the CIA and FBI. Apparently, the FBI paired with Scotland Yard to conduct an ongoing investigation about the workings of LulzSec.

LulzSec denies that any of this occurred, stating that they are still in operation so obviously no arrests have been made.

While many people think the leader of LulzSec is taking the fall, their daily activities haven™t been affected by the arrest. The results of this situation are unclear, and it is clearly controversial since law enforcement agents declare that they arrested someone and LulzSec is ardently denying that any such event took place.

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