Kim Dotcom Gets Good News

September 8, 2012

Kim Dotcom, the founder of Megaupload, recently got some good news. New Zealand has restored $4.83 million from a government bond that was seized when the Internet entrepreneur was arrested in January. The money is going to be used to pay for Kim Dotcom’s legal defense, according to an article in TorrentFreak. The Internet mogul will have plenty of legal bills to pay.

Arrested and Seized

Kim Dotcom had his assets frozen when he was arrested in January by authorities from New Zealand, Hong Kong and the United States. He’s also currently embroiled in a legal battle against two different governments over copyright infringement issues. The legal bills have, predictably, continued to pile up but, with his assets having been seized, Kim Dotcom has not been able to pay any of his attorneys.

According to the article, Kim Dotcom was allowed to borrow the over $4 million against a government bond from New Zealand. The money will all go to his legal defense, excepting $1 million, which will go to pay the rent on his mansion.

Wired reported that Kim Dotcom did not get all of the money he was seeking and that, because of that, some of the lawyers in the US will not get paid. Kim Dotcom was not the only one arrested in connection with the case. Also arrested were Bram van der Kolk, Finn Batato and Mathias Ortmann. According to the article, none of the money may be used for any of their legal defenses.

Kim Dotcom will also be able to sell off some of his vehicles to pay for his legal defense as part of the decision.

Kim Dotcom

Kim Dotcom was arrested on the copyright charges on January 20, 2012. He was arrested in New Zealand, though the charges against him for criminal copyright infringement originated in the United States.

Megaupload was alleged to be a service that was dedicated to copyright infringement, according to the complaint from the US Justice Department. Currently, all of the sites associated with Megaupload and all of the domain names have been seized, along with almost everything else that Kim Dotcom owns.

The actual arrest was notable for being rather elaborate. On the day that Kim Dotcom was arrested, police officers deployed from helicopters at Kim Dotcom’s mansion. At the peak of its popularity, Megaupload accounted for over three percent of the total traffic on the entire Internet.

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