Is USENET Better than Bit Torrent?

August 19, 2013

Is USENET Better than Bit TorrentWhile USENET offers some significant advantages over bit torrent, it hasn’t caught on quite as much for various reasons. Is it better than bit torrent? It depends upon what you’re looking for and how comfortable you are with doing a bit of configuration and having somewhat of a learning curve to deal with. For all intents and purposes, however, USENET has many of the features that users likely wish they had with bit torrent and quite a few more.


Where USENET really shines is in terms of security. Most of the good USENET providers – check any of our preferred providers, they all offer this – offer SSL encryption. This means that your downloads are anonymous, whether or not you are using a VPN when you are downloading. In fact, you get full anonymity without using a VPN at all with the USENET system.

One of the complaints about USENET versus bit torrent among users is oftentimes the fact that bit torrent is free and USENET does cost a monthly subscription price. To utilize bit torrent anonymously, however, a VPN is required and that comes with a monthly subscription fee, anyway.


One of USENET’s primary advantages over bit torrent is in speed. Bit torrent requires that there be a good ratio of seeders to leechers to achieve fast download speeds. For new releases, this can take a long time. In fact, most of the time, new releases are only available at very low download speeds, as most people will be leaching the torrent and won’t be seeding it yet.

USENET, conversely, can generally max out most people’s bandwidth. Once you begin the download process, you are downloading at a speed that is determined by the number of connections your computer can maintain, the speed of your connection and your computer’s ability to save the downloaded data to the disk. On bit torrent, there are many different variables involved.

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USENET does require a bit more of a time investment to learn how to use it. The setup is also a bit more complex, requiring the user to correctly configure their download client to work over SSL and requiring the user to learn how to find what they are interested in on the USENET system. With a bit of time, however, learning these things is not particularly difficult and, because of the increased safety and security, USENET really is a better option in many regards.

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