Is the File Sharing Religion in Sweden Legitimate?

August 15, 2011

Naval Ensign Of SwedenFile sharing has become a very common thing among people across the world, but in Sweden, it may be even more addictive than previously thought. A group of Swedes developed a belief system called Kopimism to express their sentiments about file sharing.

The beliefs of this ˜religion™ are that file sharing is inherently good, and it is a sign of appreciation for good work to those that have created the files. While many people look at sharing files as theft, this group of Swedes sees it quite differently.

So differently, in fact, that they decided to request that their government recognize their beliefs as a religion. The group wanted their religion to be elevated to the level of Islam, Judaism, and Christianity.

The Swedish Government did not agree that the religion was legitimate on the grounds that they did not have any form of worship. Once their claims were denied, a persistent member named Isaac Gerson continued to request for official recognition of his ˜religion.™

The reason that he was convinced that the government may reconsider on their decision is because he likened the act of file sharing to traditional religious expressions and rituals. The government did not find in his favor, and Kopimism continues to remain an underground religion for some.

Kopimism supports the premise that file sharing is not harmful, and it is actually beautiful and good. When you are taking files from someone and copying them illegally, this group finds that act to be inspiring and appreciative. While others differ greatly in their opinions on file sharing, it is clear that not everyone has the same views.

Will Kopimism become a recognized religion in Sweden in the future? Everyone will just have to wait and find out apparently. As of now, file sharing is not an official religion, and indications are that it won™t be for a very long time (if ever).

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