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February 24, 2010

Astraweb Special

You maybe wondering if Astraweb service is slow ? Well not according to our tests. Be sure to check out our video on Astraweb on our Astraweb review page but if you have a good Internet connection in the United States or Europe then you should not notice any problems.

Astraweb is plugged into Level 3, LimeLight Networks and Savvis Intenet backbone servers, and as Level 3, Limelight and Savis are everywhere you should have no problem (especially if you are in a major city)

Often I hear people say they are having a hard time time accessing Usenet newsgroups and typically this is because people don™t use the right software application “ Usenet newsreader.

To get Usenet working well you need a good Usenet Newsreader. Also, many people are unaware of how Usenet newsgroups function and how Usenet works. This lack of knowledge can definitely be the issue.

Some facts about Astraweb – Astraweb’s binary retention has now reached to more than 440 days(November 2009). Also Astrweb runs their own servers and they are not resellers. Finally, Astraweb stands out among the top three Usenet providers currently worldwide.

If you are having issues, first do a traceroute on their website here and that way you can judge that how fast you can connect with their servers.

Second, try changing ports or enabling or disabling SSL as you ISP maybe trying to throttle your Usenet connection.

The speed, retention and level of support at Astraweb so finally be sure to check their website for the latest status updates.

Please read our Astraweb Usenet review and take a look at our video. I can confidently rank its speed and can give  Astraweb 4.5 out of 5 marks to its connection speed.

A little bit of history, Astraweb has greatly improved their binary retention and connection speed over the last three years and my personal experience with Astraweb over the past year has been great. No speed issues.

Remember ISP™s will try to throttle your bandwidth and limit NNTP traffic. There is no net neutrality yet especially for Usenet.

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