Is Anonymous Payment Necessary for USENET?

October 9, 2013

Is Anonymous Payment Necessary for USENETMany USENET services have started taking payment via anonymous payment services, such as Bitcoin. Whether or not this is necessary depends upon your USENET usage habits.

The Average User

What average users are usually worried about is their access logs on USENET being obtained by government or other agencies without their permission. This is enough to inspire some fear in most people and may make purchasing their USENET through bit coin or another provider a tempting option. It may not be necessary, however.

Bitcoin is complex. It takes some work to figure out how to purchase Bitcoins for most people and it might not really be offering much if you’re just downloading off of the USENET system. If you’re really worried about privacy, using an SSL connection with your USENET access will protect you. Our top-rated USENET access providers all offer this and it’s something you should definitely make a point to use. Most of the newsreaders that come with USENET services make it easy to ensure that SSL is working and third-party downloading software, such as SABnzbd work with SSL.


Uploaders very well may want to use an anonymous payment service, simply because one never knows when they’re going to be targeted by some industry group or a government agency. Particularly if you buy USENET service from a nation where there are agreements about sharing information between that nation and the US, you might want to go anonymous with your payments. As was said, buying Bitcoins can be a bit intimidating and those who want true anonymity will have to take it one step further if they want total privacy.

It is true that Bitcoin doesn’t have any personally identifying information associated with it, but that doesn’t mean that the Bitcoin vendor doesn’t collect information. The best bet is to mine your own Bitcoins if you want total anonymity. For the most privacy without mining your own Bitcoins, make sure you’re buying from a provider outside of the US so that you can be sure that they’re not sharing any of your information with government or industry groups and that, if asked, they probably won’t produce information on demand.

In summary, if you’re just downloading from USENET, SSL provides great security. If you’re uploading to the system, learn how to use Bitcoin and how to get Bitcoins anonymously so that you can be sure your information is kept private and inaccessible.

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