Introducing Binload: Free Usenet Access For Beta Test Volunteers

October 29, 2012

A new Usenet all-in-one service has opened up called Binload, and they are looking for volunteers to participate in their beta testing period. And, during their beta testing period, (expected duration of 1 to 2 months,) they will be allowing unlimited Usenet access free of charge to the participants. You can sign up for to participate on their homepage, where you will be required to give your name, address, and an e-mail address for the public beta.

About Binload’s Service

Once signed up you will get a download of their beta client to evaluate the service. You will have full access to all content, audio, or video using the newsreader. Currently Binload supports up to 20 concurrent connections, and as much as 400 days of retention. When the beta period is about to end beta testers will be notified and receive a discount when the service goes into full swing. At this point they haven’t given us a price structure, but we will let you know about that as soon as we have the info.

The Agreement For Testers

When you install the newsreader you will have to go through the agreement of terms which has the general protections for the customer and provider, but there are a few other add-ons: Since it’s beta no guarantees are implied or given, the beta period is stated as extendable or curtail-able at their discretion…though they will make an announcement a week before the beta ends, improper usage of the service is subject for immediate termination, they accept no liability.


In their last Tweet they said that they had 200 testers so far, but that they also had plenty of room for more. So here at Usenetreviews we all grabbed us a copy and are starting to evaluate. Check back here in the near future for our review of the new all-in-one service, Binload.


Check out Binload now.

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