How The New Giganews Security Works Using VyprVPN

February 21, 2011

We told you in previous posts about the partnership of the Giganews team and the Goldenfrog team of developers to provide VyprVPN. This was originally implemented back in March of last year, using an old type VPN protocol. But now, the team has implemented a new type of security protocol, L2TP/IPsec, which is a more secure and reliable method. Here we’re going to explain how this works, and why someone would need it.

Why You May Need It

The current fragmenting of the internet makes it increasingly clear as to why a person would want more security for their internet service. As governments try to control the populations of their country through choking off, blocking social networking, invading email privacy, and blocking information that the users really need, The developers were paying attention, and were busily improving on their VyprVPN to answer this continuing threat. But how are they doing it?

How Giganews Is Doing It

Here’s the basics of how the new VPN protocols work, in not so confusing terms. The security is called L2TP.IPsec. It is really 2 programs combined and used together for additional function-ability, and security. One part of the program provides the œtunnel, and the other part provides the security encryption to the tunnel. Once the connection is established by the Ipsec portion of the program, the L2TP packets from your computer to the VyprVPN are wrapped by Ipsec. Once the packets are encapsulated in the Ipsec, only VyprVPN can read them, and the transmission cannot be intercepted or monitored.

There are a lot of other reasons that VyprVPN and L2TP/IPsec from Giganews should be considered for security. They are:

-256 secured encryption, banks and financial institutions use this.

-Easy to set it up, and no third-party software needed, most popular OS’s are supported, mobile device support, also.

-Compatibility with corporate firewalls and wireless routers is almost guaranteed.

-Stops modifications of data between sender and receiver, to insure the integrity of the data, not only security.

-Stops the Man-In-The-Middle attacks, in case a hacker poses as your server.

-Authentication of the sender integrated.

A Selection Of VPN Protocols

The large variety of Giganews VPN protocols means that you will be able to connect to VyprVPN anytime you wish, no matter your location, time, or how you are connecting. Their commitment to customer service excellence and constantly improving their system demonstrates their dedication to providing their users with the best possible experience while on Usenet.

Check Out Giganews And VyprVPN Here

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