Help Out EFF: Calling Techies

April 27, 2014

EFF Needs Web DevelopersAnyone with an interest in preserving privacy and freedom on the Internet is aware of the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), or at least they should be. This is one of the most tenacious and effective public advocacy groups out there. If you’re worried about privacy, they’ve helped you, and you can now help them by just donating a bit of your time, and not much time at that.

Help People Get in Touch

The EFF currently uses a third party, proprietary piece of software to allow people to contact their members of Congress. Always wanting to stick by their guns, the EFF wants to switch over to an open source solution that’s free for anyone and everyone to use and alter as they see fit.

You can help them do that. They currently have the backend set up, but they need people to test it out and to make sure it works with all 500+ members of Congress’s various contact forms. These contact forms vary from one to the next and the system has to work seamlessly with all of them.

If you want to help, you can become one of the 10 to 30 people the EFF is going to need to commit their time to completing the project. They estimate that it will take 4-5 hours for any volunteer to complete their end of the project.

Volunteers should know Github and have a decent programming background in at least one language. They should also understand basic web languages, including JavaScript and HTML. IRC will likely be used for communication and collaboration.

Take a look at the content at this link and you can get more information on how you can sign up and what you can do. You can also email for more information.

If you’ve always wanted to help out an effective, ethical and committed organization that’s dedicated to Internet freedom and have the skills for this project, this is your chance!

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