HADOPI law “catches” 25.000 pirates each day

December 19, 2010

According the definition available on Wikipedia, œthe HADOPI law or Creation and Internet law is a French law introduced during 2009 as a means to control and regulate internet access and encourage compliance with copyright laws. The law itself was adopted on 12 May 2009 by the assembly and on 13 May 2009 by the French Senate.

Few days ago, David El Sayegh from a French labels trade body announced that music industry catches IP addresses of approximately 25.000 pirates each day and submits them to the government. In Sayegh’s report, there is no information on how many pirates will face the charges and will lose their Internet access, although the number of reported pirates suggests that ISP’s and music industry never sleep.

When asked about if the law will eventually boost the sales of music CDs and DVDs, Sayegh said (I’m paraphrasing) that it’s rather early to say, but it would be insubstantial to expect that people will rush in to the stores to buy music CDs and DVDs once they will not be available to download music from the Internet for œfree.

Regarding HADOPI law, it had strong support from the president Nicolas Sarkozy. Despite of this fact, the bill was rejected by the French National Assembly on 9 April 2009. Further, The French government asked for reconsideration of the bill by the French National Assembly and as stated in the introduction, it was finally adopted month later.

Since then, the law is considered as a highly controversial and numerous debates on topic still exist today.

One solution to the invasive actions of repressive government create a Virtual Private Network which will allow you to surf the  Internet as it was intended to be: free, uncensored and unrestricted by ideologies or a government’s hunger for control.

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