Golden Frog releases NAT Firewall feature

December 9, 2013

Golden Frog users often send queries to Frog’s customer support, asking why their firewall software shows lots of incoming connection alerts once connected to VyprVPN. In order to clarify this, on October the 13th, Golden Frog released an explanation on their official Blog.

They state that an answer is rather simple. Once the user is connected to VyprVPN, he or she has a direct connection to the Internet. Further, considering the fact that many people use either wireless routers at home or corporate firewalls at work (or even both), they are not often connected directly to the Internet, without any filter being used. Therefore, VyprVPN is used to bypass all these filters and as a result, users see all the random attempts to scan and exploit systems that go on all the time.

Further, within that blog post, important news was announced as well. Golden Frog released NAT Firewall feature, which is actually an add-on behaving similar to a wireless router. That firewall blocks new connections that come from the Internet and eventually reach VyprVPN system.

This means that all the connections the user makes will work fine, but, on the other hand, people who try to enter an unpatched system will be blocked.

This feature costs only $5/month and is available for all VyprVPN customers.

Learn about VyprVPN here.

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