Giganews Accelerator Review

To speed up your downloads, you can use Giganews Accelerator that is a free Windows program provided by Giganews.

It is designed to provide compressed and message headers and downloads as well as also providing statistical analysis and speed control.

Basically, what the accelerator will do is take a file that may be looking like it is going to take 20 hours to download. It will compress that file and download it in maybe a third of the time.

Giganews is a Usenet newsgroup provider. Anyone can join Giganews and subscribe to their service. Usenet is basically a global network of servers that all are linked and form a net or mesh like structure. Within these servers, they host discussion groups (newsgroups) and file exchange. A user can post articles in the Usenet newsgroups and anyone can access the information.

Giganews is a premium Usenet access provider. Giganews access to the Usenet in total. Sometimes an ISP will offer access to Usenet as a secondary value added service, but the problem is that these offers tend to be limited as to the access that they actually afford. With Giganews, you have no limit to your access.

Obviously, this is a wonderful idea and who in their right minds would say no to a tool that speeds up your download time! We tried it and were pleased with the results. We had one computer downloading the file and it took 24 hours. On our second computer, we had the Giganews Accelerator downloading it and it was completed in just 7 hours.

The Accelerator works by compressing headers and enabling 256-bit encryption. You don’t even need an SSL Giganews account to use this. The software promises to let you download headers at speeds that are up to 10 times faster than standard download. The Giganews accelerator will also support any NNTP based Usenet client as it runs outside your newsreader.


This tool is only available to run on Windows. If you are a Linux user, then no chance with this one I am afraid. You will need to run this on a Windows server. Hopefully, the clever people at Giganews will soon come up with a new version that runs on alternatives.

The windows version of this tool will not listen on all IPs; it will only listen on localhost.

Tips for setting up a Giganews accelerator are always handy and our top advice is to get the set up correct right from the start and to setup the news server address to localhost and port 119. Setting this will mean that your newsreader will put all traffic through the Giganews Accelerator.

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