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June 17, 2014

GetNZB logoThe GetNZB newsreader has been updated. According to the developer, users can now look for the following improvements in the latest version.

New Software

The new version, 1.236, now has a Dutch interface option. The developers have also made some improvements to the decoding features on the program, which should make it run a bit faster.

Service Improvements

The new GetNZB package also comes with improved retention. They’re now running at 2,109 days, which makes them competitive with the highest retention servers out there. This makes it a lot easier to find content, of course, even things that are a bit old and that were uploaded to the system long ago.

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GetNZB webthumb 2014Verifying the Searches

If you use USENET a lot, you’ve probably developed a serious irritation with the spam files that people upload. These are commonly password protected so that you can’t get at the content after you download it. A lot of them are also fake files, some of them actually malicious in nature.

The new version of GetNZB provides a way to avoid these. The new version verifies NZB files to see if they’re worth downloading. If it’s downloaded and it’s good, the file is marked as such and that data goes into the creation of an index of verified files.

This index takes its information from Newznab data index, from boards that relate to USENET and from successful downloads by users.

The developers are working on getting rid of the standard search and only using the verified search. This should provide much better service for users and help them avoid files that are genuine threats.

Pricing Structure

GetNZB offers USENET access for competitive rates. They offer packages based on speed and you can get significant discounts for signing up for longer periods of service.

The downloads are protected by SSL, so you don’t have to worry about privacy issues. The improvements they’ve made to the service are impressive and may make it tempting for those who don’t have a search provider right now. There are some good NZB sites out there you can use, as well, but this one takes care of some serious issues that tend to plague those sites, such as the spam files that the verified system works to get rid of.

You can take a look at our review of their product here and see if it’s right for you and your USENET habits.

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