Find Your Favorite Newsreaders, Newsleecher and Newsbin, on Your iPad, iPhone, or Android

August 15, 2011


The splashtop app on Itunes

A new app has been launched to give you the ability to look at newsreaders like Newsleecher and Newsbin directly from your mobile device.

The iPad, iPhone, and Android are all supported under the new Splashtop App, and you can now access your newsreaders at any time from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

People who have experimented with the app noted that it has been really well designed, and that you can easily access all of your newsreader files from your mobile account. It is now possible to keep up to date with your newsreader no matter where you are, and this is a great thing for Newsbin and Newsleecher.

These two particular newsreaders didn™t have an app before Splashtop was created, so it has made it a lot easier for users to enjoy their Usenet experience.

With 30 FPS (frames per second) support and latency of .2 seconds, the Spashtop App makes it quick and easy to look at your newsreader.

You can also connect the new app directly to your desktop, which means that you will be able to access your files via your iPad, iPhone, or Android and connect them to your desktop. Remote control of your newsreader is now possible with the new Splashtop app.

Prices vary considerably. The iPhone app starts at $0.99, and this app can also be used for the iPod touch. For your Android, you can get the app for $2.99, or you can pay an extra few bucks ($6.99) to have your newsreaders in High Def.

This new wave makes exploring your newsreader on the go possible, and it is also exciting to explore the new features available while you visit your favorite Usenet client. You can now keep track of your Usenet activity much better with the Splashtop app.

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