European File Sharing Site Shut Down – Back Up By Thursday

February 3, 2012

The largest file sharing services in the Ukraine,, was shut down a couple of weeks after the U.S. Department of Justice pulled the plug on the monstrosity, MegaUpload, and for much the same reasons…massive copyright infringement. In this instance though, instead of the major number of complaints coming from the likes of the MPA or the RIAA, they came from Microsoft, Adobe, and Graphisoft…all software companies, although there were MPA and RIAA claims in the allegations.

Damage Done

In all, 200 servers that had more than 6,000 terabytes of information were taken offline and confiscated. In the Ukraine, was one of the most popular websites and file sharing services, accounting for more than one quarter of Ukranian internet traffic. But the allegations say that huge amounts of software are being traded among piraters. The 6 month investigation also netted the apprehension and arrest of at least 16 employees at the company.

Complaints Were Short Winded

On the 31st of January officials seized the website, and we are proud to announce that today, the site is back up. All via the magic of the laws that already exist, the website was brought under compliance, or found to be in compliance, and the Ukranian Interior Ministry revoked their demand fro the seizure of the domain. And, according to their Facebook, they will be completely live by the end of the day Thursday.

Not A Whole Lot Of Information

Not a lot of information has been offered surrounding this temporary black-out of, not even on the side of why or how they were reinstated. In the initial announcement of the site going back live they didn’t even make it clear if the infringing content had been blocked or removed…something we would assume has happened. Check back here for more information concerning this censorship issue and to find out if any content has been removed or blocked.

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