Encrypted Chat Developer Held By US Border Security – Questioned About Encryption Methods

March 8, 2013

The developer of Cryptocat, a new chat room application that uses 256 bit AES encryption to insure the users privacy, was detained and questioned by the US Department of Homeland Security when he tried to cross the border from Canada into the US. He was asked about algorithms, and other security methods the program uses before his passport was returned to him and he was released.

DHS Questioning About The App

Nadim Kobeissi claims that while he was crossing the US/Canadian border at a checkpoint, officials detained him, confiscated his passport, and then proceeded to question him. The interrogator offered that he had 22 years of experience in computers, and asked about the algorithms, and other measures that Cryptocat uses to skirt censorship and maintain anonymity. On his Twitter account he tweeted, ““Out of my 4 DHS interrogations in the past 3 weeks, it’s the first time I’m asked about Cryptocat crypto and my passport is confiscated.” This only serves to make one wonder about the direction this country is headed concerning the internet privacy issue.

Cryptocat – Still Under Development, But Still Secure

Cryptocat offers the user an alternative to other non-encrypted and un-secure instant messaging communications programs. He is asserting that he wants to keep the app free for usage, but is also attempting to raise the $2,000 that will be necessary to carry him through the next year of development. Cryptocat has an extension that has been ported for Chrome, and an Android application is presently being developed. Nadim touts the security of the program, but cautions users that in “life or death” instances, the app shouldn’t be trusted in total.

Keeping The Private Stuff Private

Looking at the actions of governments and corporations worldwide over the last 2 years, it appears that sooner or later we will all have our privacy invaded. And while many governments used to stand up for their citizens privacy, this has gone out the window in many areas. Now, it’s up to us…if we want our privacy. Cryptocat is a perfect application for a fast way to securely connect and talk to friends, it will even allow secure transfer of files, pics, and other material. But to stay truly private a person has to enlist the services of a VPN provider. If you would like to find out more about VPN’s we recommend VPNReviewz…they have a plethora of information about internet security, privacy, and how it affects you.

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