Eminent Launches EM7280 Media Player With Usenet Features

September 20, 2011

Eminent, a dutch specialist in media players, has announced the launch of their latest offering. The EM7280, (their predecessor to the 7180,) is a small black box with a lot of large surprises for media fanatics.

All About The EM7280 (hdMEDIA RT3)

Built to be connected to a high definition display via the HDMI connector, it has a Realtek RT1185 chipset and can process almost any type of video formats that exist today. Anything you give it, it will display properly. The device is capable of getting the media you throw at it using a USB 3.0 client port, a wired gigabit LAN port, an external disk on a USB host port, or via the memory card reader.

Specs You Want To Know

  • Plays most video formats (MKV, VC-1, AVCHD H/X.264)

  • Supports Blu-Ray, and ISO’s

  • Both Optical and Coaxial outputs (Dolby AC3 & DTS)

  • Supports TrueHD & DTS-HD pass through via the HDMI out

  • USB 3.0 client port PC to player connection

  • Built-in Usenet (NZB) and BitTorrent download client

  • Two USB host ports, (external HDD option,) built in SD/SDHC memory card reader

  • Built-in Gigabit LAN

The Software Inside

While there isn’t a lot of software built in, they do include the Usenet client NZBget. They also have the popular file sharing client Transmission BitTorrent. Of course they have thought of the ability to stream content from services like Flickr, YouTube, and Metafeeds. The player is capable of multitasking, so playing your favorite music at the same time as you are browsing though your pics, or files isn’t a problem. The USB 3.0 PC to player port will have you transferring files to the players internal HDD faster than you ever thought possible. And the built in gigabit LAN assures that you can get network access with the utmost speed with no buffering required.

Eminent did announce the impending release, but they didn’t give us all the sordid details, like the exact release date, or the exact cost…sadly. But, as soon as we have the exact details, you will too.

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