Easynews Updates iPhone App

June 7, 2017

Easynews-Updates-iPhone-AppIf you’ve had some issues with bugs with EZ Global Search from Easynews version 1.6, version 1.7 of the mobile app has fixed them. The app was rolled out on the iTunes store on January 18th and contains some notable improvements. The app is now compatible with iOS 6 and with iPhone 5. The update is free for those who own the app already.

The Features

The new version of EZ Global Search will run on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices, so nearly all Apple users should be covered with this update. It currently costs $2.99 on the iTunes store. The purchase price gives you access to any future updates to the app.

The app has powerful features built into it. You can search by keyword and then filter your results by a number of different criteria, including the date, the newsgroup, the file type and more. If you’re looking for videos, you can get a thumbnail image of the video to further refine your searches.

The Zip Manager Tab allows you to see any files you have queued up to download. Essentially, you’ll have access to most of the same features you’d find on the Easynews website interface, but they’re formatted to be friendly to iPhone users.

You can push posts to download apps, as well. It’s compatible with iCab Mobile, Downloads, Atomic Web browser, GoodReader and several other popular apps. You can even view the content on the players included with some of these apps.

Easynews-Updates-iPhone-App1The new version also supports NZB apps, including SABMobile.

There is a lot of flexibility built into the app. You can, for instance, create a search and save it directly to your Easynews account, allowing you to access it later on. You can also choose which ports you connect to. These include 80 and 81 or, if you want SSL encryption, you can connect over ports 443 or SSL 81.

If you have favorite newsgroups set up on Easynews, you can search through them very easily using this app. You can also take advantage of comprehensive information about the files that you download, including the sample rate, bit rate, resolution and more.

AirPlay Audio support is included with this update, but video support has not been added yet. This app does allow you to use your iPad in full resolution, as well, and is universal for iPad and iPhone.

Easynews even allows you to look at your Gig Bank data on the app. You can update your current version of EZ Global Search or purchase a new version, if you don’t have one yet, on the iTunes store now.

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