Easynews Offers Lifetime Challenge

June 7, 2017

If you’ve been using the Easynews service for a long time, you might want to take advantage of their Lifetime Challenge. It’s being conducted on Facebook and really doesn’t require anything very complicated of you to win the challenge.

Go to the Easynews page and Like them. Then, leave a comment that gives the amount of time you’ve been using them as your USENET service. You have until October 15 to take up the challenge. Whoever has the longest continuous account time with Easynews will get a free year of gigs from the company. There will also be three runners up named in the contest and those individuals will get 3 month’s worth of free gigs. Remember that Easynews does allow account rollovers, so you could stand to get quite a bit of downloading from this offer. – Click here for details.

Easynews Web-based vs. NNTP

Easynews offers you two different ways to get access to USENET newsgroups. You can go the traditional route, NNTP, which requires you to use a newsreader. Before you start thinking that this is less convenient, remember that newsreaders these days are loaded with features that allow you to get the most out of your USENET access and that provide you with powerful search options and much more. The NNTP access from Easynews offers 256-bit SSL encryption at no charge, up to 20 connections and the ability to use it with your account alone or as an additional option to go along with your Easynews service. – Click to read Easynews review here.

Web-based access to Easynews allows you to still use NNTP, if you want, but has its own set of advantages. Your browser will show you previews of the search results that you get. It comes with unlimited connections, so your connection speed is really only limited by the speed of your Internet connection overall and the amount of connections that your computer can handle without slowing down. There are only 200 days of newsgroup retention on the web-based service, however, compared to the over 1,500 days of retention you get with NNTP. Of course, if you want, you can just switch over to NNTP access if you need a longer retention time.

Either of these packages includes 99% completion rates, which puts them on par with the rest of our top providers and well above the level of service you’ll get from the average USENET provider.

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