Easynews Increases Retention Times

August 14, 2012

Easynews has increased its retention time by more than 100 days, according to a company release. The NNTP-based USENET service from this provider will now have a retention time of 1,450 days, compared to the previous retention time of 1,330 days.

The USENET provider also boasts completion rates upwards of 99 percent. There is no cost addition to any of the USENET services provided by Easynews included with this upgrade. The Easynews Internet-based USENET service will retain its 200 day retention period.

Accessing USENET over the Web

USENET services that allow people to access articles and binaries over the Internet are becoming very popular. Easynews offers an Internet accessible version of its USENET service at Easynews.com. The Internet service allows you to transfer articles, to preview articles and to search through the existing database of articles.

This service can be accessed with any of the major Internet browsers. The retention time may be lower but, for some users, the convenience of being able to access USENET newsgroups without having to have a dedicated news reader may be tempting.

Easynews NNTP

The NNTP service at Easynews received the upgrade and includes some features that aren’t available on the Internet version of their service. One of the features that distinguishes this particular USENET provider from many others is that you are allowed unlimited connections to their USENET servers. All connections are encrypted, so your privacy is enhanced when using the service.

You can use any newsreader with the Easynews NNTP service. If you already have a favorite, there’s no reason for you to have to change it to access the over 100,000 newsgroups that are indexed on this USENET provider’s service.

Retention Times

USENET providers commonly compete over retention times. These days, it’s common for USENET providers to offer retention times that go well beyond three years. With these types of retention times and newsgroups numbering in the hundred thousand range, most USENET providers can offer reliable access to articles for a very long amount of time after they are posted.


If you’re using the USENET service over the Internet, you may want to consider using encryption. Some Internet-based USENET services will provide encryption during downloads, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that your searches are encrypted. For this particular need, adding a VPN service is an excellent solution that provides greatly enhanced user privacy and that encrypts data as it is sent to and from the server.

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