Easynews Giving Free VPN Service To Their Members

August 29, 2013

News Update August 2013 — This offer has expired.

Easynews asked us to help them announce their newest offering for their members. Now, for a limited time they are offering a free VPN service to their members that would like to try it out. If you value your security and privacy, this is probably something you should look into. Another advantage of using VPN’s is that you can appear to be anywhere in the world that the service has a server. If you are regionally blocked or censored, VPN’s will get you around those restrictions.

Limited Time Offer

But you will have to hurry if you want to get this one, chances are is that it won’t last very long. They will announce when the test period is over, and will give their users an additional free month after the official launch once the first month is paid for. There are a few terms and the standard contracts you will have to agree to, but it could well be worth checking out this gratis offer.

Easynews At A Glance

Easynews is one of the top providers we list here…and one of the most popular, and there’s a lot of big reasons. Here are a few of things you get with an Easynews membership:

  • Both HTTP and NNTP access.
  • 1,200 days of retention on NNTP, and 200 days retention on HTTP.
  • 100,000+ newsgroups and getting more all the time.
  • U.S. and European servers.
  • 256 bit SSL on both the HTTP and NNTP.
  • Easiest to use Usenet access available.

Anyone Can Use The Service

While the servers will support most any Operating System that has a native VPN client built in, their software doesn’t. It’s Windows only at the moment, and we’re hoping they get an OSX version out before the offer ends…they are working on an OSX version. Here’s a short list of the systems, (mobile included) known to be operable on their networks:

  • Windows 7, Vista, XP. (Client also supported.)
  • Mac OSX ((No Client support.)
  • iPhone.
  • iPad.
  • Andorid.
  • Ubuntu distro of Linux (no software support.)

In Our Experience

We looked closely at this offer, and found it to be a good service with little loss in speeds, and the reliability of the client that comes with it is good also. As you know, we are all about anonymity, security, and privacy on the internet, and we found this service worth a second glance. For more information on Easynews and the other services that give their members, you should read our Easynews Review.

Tell us about your experience with the new VPN. Send us a Tweet to @usenetreviewz.

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