Easiest To Use Usenet Service For 2012: Easynews

February 23, 2012

Once again the award for the Usenet service that is easiest to use goes to Easynews. Time and again Easynews has won this award because they are quite simply the easiest service and browser to use. And if you are out away from your regular machine, and still need access, they also have web based access that will work on any computer that can connect to the internet. Congratulations guys, you have the distinction of being the single easiest to use usenet service to teach beginners about the benefits of Usenet.

Benefits Of Easynews Membership

There are a lot of benefits that go along with an Easynews membership besides the internet access to Usenet servers. there are great retention levels, and unlimited speeds, and security. Here’s the real details of the service:

  • Web Based Access- The only Usenet service to allow this feature at this time. Lets you get up to 200 days of binary retention.
  • High Retention – At 1,200 days of binary retention on NNTP access or up to 200 days retention on web based access, they are up there with the best of the providers.
  • Roll Over GB’s – And header downloading is free…if you are on a metered account.
  • Security – Via SSL you will have access to HTTPS and NNTPS.
  • Newsgroups – More than 100,000 groups…Literally million of files for your browsing pleasure. Unlimited multiple connections allowed, too.
  • Service – World class 24/7/365 service via email, forums, and service tickets.

Congratulations Easynews

Easynews is one of the most popular services we present to our readers, and there is a very good reason why. Easynews has taken the complicated, often daunting, task of sorting through, and searching Usenet newsgroups to a brand new level of ease. They have provided a medium in which the beginning Usenet members can become acquainted with the customs, rules, and ways that Usenet operates. Thanks for helping spread the message guys.

If you would like to know more about this most excellent provider, then you can get more information in our Easynews Review.

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