Dutch USENET Providers Banned by PayPal

March 30, 2017

Several Dutch USENET providers can no longer accept PayPal payments and have had their funds frozen by the Internet payment giant. This means that customers of these services, including XSUsenet, EasyUsenet and Usenet4U can no longer process payments from PayPal. This has only stoked the controversy surrounding the payment processor regarding file sharing services and PayPal’s policies.

Restrictive Policies

Take a look at the terms of service requirement for file sharing sites on PayPal’s site and you’ll find a block of black text rife with what critics call invasions of privacy or, at least, invitations to such invasions. In the name of protecting against piracy, PayPal has already shut down payments from several file sharing sites recently. The Dutch providers are merely the latest names to be added to PayPal’s banned list.

A representative of the file locker site Putlocker claims that PayPal wanted to take a look at what users had stored on that service—even if those users had privacy settings that would not allow this—and this eventually led to a conflict between PayPal and Putlocker. Putlocker had its assets frozen for a time and eventually split with PayPal.

More providers are expected to be banned by or to simply stop doing business with PayPal on their own. The payment processor, however, is not the only option on the Internet and users may want to look elsewhere if they want to ensure their privacy. Some other options include:

  • Bitcoin
  • Liberty Reserve
  • Amazon Payments
  • Moneybookers (UK)

Some USENET users have been decrying PayPal for a long time and some of them recommend avoiding services that take payments from PayPal because of the processor’s restrictive and invasive requirements. Whether or not your USENET provider—or file locker—would share information with PayPal, however, is largely dependent upon their terms of service. It’s becoming increasingly likely, however, that many USENET provider will find themselves on the PayPal blacklist and that they will have to start accepting alternative forms of payment from their customers. Fortunately for the customers and the services alike, however, those alternatives are plentiful and generally much less invasive than PayPal.

Exploring Your Options

Changing your payment method on a USENET provider is usually not difficult. If you’re using a service that makes one-time payments and not recurring payments, you may want to look into buying block access. If not, there are plenty of providers out there—including many of our preferred USENET providers—that will let you use services other than PayPal for your subscription.

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