DumpTruck Gets An Upgrade With Their Desktop Client

January 16, 2013

Giganews is one of our favorite USENET providers and has been for some time. This provider likes to bundle services together and one of them is the DumpTruck secure online storage service. If you have a Diamond level account with Giganews, you already have DumpTruck storage, but it just got better.

A bit of background first about Giganews and DumpTruck —  actually is more like Giganews and Golden Frog. Golden Frog (another company apart from Giganews) has partnered with Giganews to improve Giganews’ service offering.  Giganews has always been on the expensive side when you evaluate USENET services, however to their credit they have been improving their product lineup for the Diamond level account with service offerings like DumpTruck and VyprVPN.

Cloud Access

Before the recent improvements that Giganews announced, you had to access DumpTruck over the web. This is no longer the case. In line with the current trend in online storage, Giganews has released a desktop application and apps for mobile devices that auto sync and that offer you access to your stored files anywhere.

If you have a VyprVPN account with Golden Frog or Giganews, you’ll be able to take advantage of 5GB of free storage on the DumpTruck service. This is a new offering and, combined with the desktop and mobile applications for the service, users may want to look at it and see if it offers a convenient replacement for any cloud storage services they’re using at the moment.

With the Diamond level account, you get 30GB of secure online storage. If you already had DumpTruck on your Giganews account, you can download the desktop app to give yourself convenient access to all of your files.


Golden Frog, having the VyprVPN service under their brand name, is no stranger to security. DumpTruck storage is very secure, as well. Golden Frog itself stores your files. No other company has access to them. From the hard drives to the servers, Golden Frog owns every piece of equipment involved, so security is very good.

Golden Frog has three copies of your files store, each of them protected by 256-bit AES encryption. This means that you have the security that comes with having redundant copies of the files and, of course, the security that comes with knowing that those files are encrypted to prevent anyone from being able to access them.

This file service displays no ads and Golden Frog will never look at your files. They also forego using the data deduplication process to save space on their servers. This means that you files are not inspected by the service and that, truly, the files are yours and yours alone.

The new app makes the DumpTruck service as convenient as it is secure. If you were looking for something that could provide you with all the convenience of cloud storage without the sometimes sloppy security procedures that some companies have demonstrated, you might want to take a look at what DumpTruck has to offer.

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