DumpTruck Adds Folder Uploads

March 20, 2012

DumpTruck is one of the most popular features offered by the Giganews USENET service. It allows you to upload files to your Internet account quickly and easily and to take advantage of the secure and reliable storage provided by DumpTruck. Recently, DumpTruck added a new feature to its upload service that will likely be of interest to a very large number of users. Specifically, DumpTruck has offered support for uploading folders.

Why It Matters

If you’re any kind of experienced computer user, you take the time to organize your content into folders so that you can find them more easily and so that important documents and other data do not get lost. The new feature on DumpTruck allows you to upload files as they appear on your hard drive. This means that you can use their online storage service without having to worry that, every time you do, your entire file structure will be changed. You also no longer have to go through the tedious and rather pointless process of uploading files one by one to get them into your DumpTruck storage account.

Because many of the people who use DumpTruck use it for storing data that they want to keep safe for business and other sensitive purposes, being able to preserve the file structure is vital. If you’re worried that you may end up destroying an excellent file structure that it took you a great deal of time to develop for organizational purposes, you no longer have to worry about that with the DumpTruck service.

More On Giganews

Giganews is one of the most comprehensive providers of USENET access available. In addition to DumpTruck, they offer VyperVPN, which is an excellent complement to the USENET service that they offer for clients. Even though the company is primarily known for their USENET access, they’re obviously taking it up a notch where providing file storage services is concerned with this new offering for the DumpTruck platform.

DumpTruck would be an excellent service in and of itself. With the addition of USENET access and the incredible level of privacy that VPN services provide, Giganews has an impressive product and, because of that, this company is able to charge a premium for services. For those who need a file storage system suitable for business or personal use, however, DumpTruck should provide everything that they want and more for price that is very affordable, especially considering the constant improvements made to the system.

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