Dump Truck Private Sharing Is Out Now

June 9, 2017

DumpTruck-Sharing-Opens-UpIf you have the Dump Truck secure file storage service from Giganews, you now have private sharing. The service just went out of beta at the beginning of April and is fully functional. It allows users an easy way to collaborate with other Dump Truck users. The best thing about it is that it is truly private, using encryption to keep everything safe and allowing a lot of flexibility in terms of how you grant permission to users to access—or modify—your files.

How It Works

If you’re already on the service, you’ll have to upgrade your desktop app to version 1.2.2 to use the private sharing features. Folders are actually shared through the web app, however, but they are synced to your desktop via the new app. An “Update Available” notice will come up when you access the app. Simply opt to update and the system will take care of itself automatically.

The private sharing feature is rich with options.

What It Offers

Private sharing allows users to selectively share files saved to their Dump Truck account. You can set the permissions levels to:

  • Read Only
  • Read and Edit
  • Read, Edit and Share

Dump Truck Private Sharing Features1

For the greatest amount of safety, set your permissions to read only. This is a great way to share photos with someone if you want to make sure that they don’t share them with others.

You can also use the private sharing in a more collaborative way. For instance, you could use the read and edit permissions level, share a document and allow a co-worker or friend to make changes to the document. This is excellent if you need someone to edit your work or to add to it. When they make the updates, it will sync with your desktop app automatically. You can also access the files via the mobile app for Dump Truck.

You can use the web app to invite users to collaborate. The web app has a simple interface for this, requiring that you enter their email addresses and nothing more. They get a link and they can access the files you shared with whatever permissions levels you set.

Getting the Service

If you have a Giganews account, you already have Dump Truck secure online storage. You can upgrade your package to get more storage space.

This is a great feature and it comes with the excellent security that Dump Truck offers, which is a great way to ensure that your private documents stay private!


Update 2017 – DumpTruck is now discontinued.

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