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Cyphr Review

Golden Frog has a new app on the Google Play store called Cyphr. It’s an encrypted messaging app that allows you to protect your privacy without giving up a lot of convenience. Using it requires no particular level of security skill and the interface will be intuitive for anyone who’s used a smartphone before. Despite the simplicity, however, it does have some impressive features for protecting privacy.

How it Protects Privacy

Cyphr uses public and private key pairs and symmetric keys to secure your conversations. SSL/TLS is used to protect the message from anyone trying to snoop. The Cyphr service verifies messages to make sure that they are lot spoofed.

Golden Frog doesn’t have any access to the messages. The server that sends and receives the messages is located in Switzerland, which offers a lot of privacy advantages over the US.

The encryption and server policies make this very good for security purposes. The company can’t read your messages, doesn’t hang onto them and the person who gets them can be sure it’s you.

The App

The features list on this app includes “Whatever you want!”, so it’s clearly in Beta. Nonetheless, it’s off to a good start and Golden Frog is actively soliciting input from users, so they seem committed to making this work. The concept is certainly solid and taking the complexity out of using public and private keys and using secure messaging apps in general is definitely a good thing.

The company plans on offering desktop apps in the future. They’ll also allow larger attachments and allow you to rotate your encryption keys, which will be a nice addition for those who like to lock down everything as much as they can.

This has a lot of promise. People increasingly use mobile devices for business communications and Cyphr provides a handy way to lock it down so that company information is protected. It’s also go a lot of promise in that it simply eliminates the rather unpleasant idea of government agencies and others spying on your communications for no reason at all.

Golden Frog offers VyprVPN, their VPN solution and Dump Truck for encrypted file storage. They have mobile apps for their VPN service that allow you to increase the security on your mobile phone. With this latest offering, you have a very secure method of messaging on any connection, and the app seems to bode very well for the future.

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