CouchPotato Updates to Version 2.1.0

August 13, 2013

CouchPotato Updates to Version 2-1-0CouchPotato 2.1.0 is out, and there have been plenty of improvements added to the program by developers. There have also been plenty of bug fixes, with more than 80 being listed by the developers in total. Some of the best new features and fixes include the following.


Twitter notifications have been fixed on this version, so users who were having issues should see them fixed up and get better use out of the social networking features on CouchPotato. The KAT domain change issue has also been taken care of. Some providers who required a password would not work properly with the old version, but these issues have been fixed, as well.

There’s a very long list of fixes on this new version of CouchPotato, all detailed on their site. Overall, there’s been a lot of work put into making this downloader work much more efficiently and reliably in this latest release.


The features on the new version will come as welcome news to some users.

The most standout feature is the suggested movies addition. On your dashboard, you’ll now get a list of suggestions provided through the program, which should help you find some great content to add to your collection.

New providers have been added to this version, including TorrentBye and AwesomeHD. Yifi has also been added to the mix. In addition to this, NZB support for the Synology downloader has been added to CouchPotato to make it even more versatile.

The release hit the Internet on July 5. With the other improvements made to CouchPotato in recent months, the program should be working better than ever and users who may have walked away from it may want to give it another try. There’s certainly a lot to see here.

Making it Work

Not all NZB indexing sites work with this program. We have plenty of reviews that let you know whether or not any of the indexers are compatible with CouchPotato, though the program’s popularity has made this increasingly the case.

You’ll still need a USENET provider to download using CouchPotato’s automated features. Any provider you consider should offer SSL encryption so that your privacy is protected while you’re downloading content. Take a look at our preferred providers. They all offer SSL and a host of other features that make it easy to use programs like CouchPotato to get the best of the USENET.

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