Common USENET Terms

There are all different elements and terms used within the Usenet and it can be easy to become confused about them all, so here is a basic glossary of the most common terms you need to usenet

Usenet “ This is the descriptive term for the entire system of communication. A kind of combination hybrid of email and forums. It is one of the fastest ways to access and download files.

PROVIDER “ This is the provider of the access to the Usenet. Some internet service providers used to include access but they are few and far between nowadays. Most people will now use a dedicated provider that specializes in Usenet access. An example of one such provider would be Giganews.

NEWSGROUPS “ These are groups that are formed to hold all the posts from fellow members of the group. The group is usually centered around a commonly shared topic such as pets or hobbies. Most of the postings within the newsgroup will be centered around the group theme; this is known as on topic. Posting off topic is not really welcomed in most groups.

NEWS SERVER “ This is a dedicated server to the Usenet. Usually held by a providing company and external to your computer, it is the new server that holds all the file information and propagates the flow of information between it and other servers in the Usenet.

NEWS CLIENT “ This is a program that sits in your computer and that you use to access the Usenet. It is the news reader (or client) that will access and decode the Usenet for you, so that you can read it.

ARTICLES / POSTINGS “ When someone writes something within a group, this is known as a posting. Also a posting can be part of a thread or a new thread.

THREAD “ A thread is a sequential listing of related postings following a starting post. For example, you may post ˜I really liked the new Spiderman film™. In response, a thread would start where people would type in replies to your posting agreeing or disagreeing with you. You would then be able to scroll down the ˜thread™ to read all the responses.

HEIRARCHIES “ This is a way to divide up the Usenet groups into sections. There are thousands of groups listed on the Usenet and in order to make it easier to find the groups you are looking for, you can search through the hierarchy that it is related to. For example, if you wanted to find a group on scuba diving then you would go to the rec category for recreation and hobbies.

MODERATED / UNMODERATED “ Moderation means that your file or posting will be checked by a specified person to be approved before it is put up for general viewing. Un-moderated means that your posting is not checked and that it will go onto the Usenet immediately.

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