British Telecom Censors Newzbin2

October 5, 2017

We told you over the last weeks the story of how the British government is trying to stop copyright infringement by infringing on the rights of the average Usenet user. We have even told you about the order by the British magistrate to a major European ISP, British Telecom, (BT,) to remove Newzbin2 from their DNS server. It looked like bad news for the guys over at Team-R-Dawgs and Nrewzbin2, but they didn’t give up…or in.

A Useless Order

Within days after the ISP had been ordered to use the Cleanfeed technology, the guys at Team-R-Dogs announced that they had contrived an updated browser that would get around the ISP’s blockade, then proceeded to tell everyone in the European community about it. Not only did the MPA and the government waste their money on the expensive legals, but the order wasn’t even enforceable almost from the very beginning. At least that’s what the guys at Team-R-Dogs are saying…

About Newzbin2

One of our most popular search index providers, Newzbin2 was one of the first search providers that the censorship movement will go up against, and it’s not very friendly right now in the UK for Usenet providers. Already there are actions being filed to blacklist NZBsRus, and there will be more to follow, here’s a short list of the ones to expect to see go down in the near future…(and some that have already disappeared.)

  • NzbsRus “ Suit has already been filed.
  • UK-Nzbs “ Suspect they are already removed.
  • NZB Portal “ Suspect they merged with Merlins Portal.
  • Merlins Portal “ Recently revamped, he won’t give up without a fight.
  • Binsearch “ Another big one that won’t give in easily.
  • NGIndex “ A top search index provider, with lots of NZB’s.

What Happens Now

Well, Newzbin2 will go on…with or without the British community participating in the discussion. Team-R-Dogs statement was this: œdownloads of our BT Cleanfeed busting client (https:/// that will allow anyone to access our site despite the block have been stratospheric over the past couple of weeks: 93.5% of active UK users have downloaded it and we shall ensure that the remaining 6.5% will be able to get it. The MPA propagandists claim this censorship as a victory; it isn’t, it isn’t even a hollow victory: it’s a replete failure.

And we have to agree with them. Not only did they outsmart the technology that virtually every European community relies on to censor pornography, they did it before the technology was in place. Also there is now the nagging question: How will they censor the pornography now?


If you would like more information on Usenet access, check out our review of providers at, and if you would like more information on Newzbin2’s services, you can read about them in our Newzbin2 Review.

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