Best Block Usenet Providers

Last Updated: Aug 13, 2019

Usenet providers tend to offer block packages to their customers. The reason for this is that many ISPs limit the downloads that an individual has in their bandwidth allocation. This is an unnecessary limitation in most cases but there is little that a person can do about it other than change their internet service provider. A block is a set allocation of download capacity. These range from 5 GB upwards. The upside of buying a block is that it is a lot cheaper than signing up for an unlimited access service. There are unlimited services available, but if you have a bandwidth limitation on your ISP, then there really is no point in signing up for an unlimited account. The block account is a lot cheaper and you can tailor your subscription to suit you.

Some of our favorite block Usenet providers are listed here and these are the ones we have found that have the best selection of packages and range of prices.

Best Usenet Services