Bit Torrents Poisoned ? Better Try Usenet

April 29, 2010

Lawrence Latif of the writes an interesting article about Bittorrent Poisoning.

In this article, he points out that while Bitorrent is extremely popular, its open architecture leaves it vulnerable to attacks and poisoning.  If you were to download anything off of bitorrent, say the latest version of Ubuntu Linux,  there is a good chance that  you bit torrent might be poisoned.

Also suggested in this article was the idea of using a Tor network for anonymity.  While Tor network  can offer you anonymity – its much slower than using a VPN. Tor network are great however you can not leave your computer connected to a Tor network all day and have good download speeds.

As a Usenet afficianado, I found this statement very enlightening —

Of course Bittorrent isn’t the only way to obtain binary files on the Internet with Usenet remaining popular. With rentable anonymous VPN and SSL Usenet accounts easily available, having some resemblence of anonymity while taking part in downloading can be achieved.

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