Binreader Review

Binreader Review
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Binreader Review
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Binreader is a simple, secure and free NZB downloader, providing user-friendly interface and all the options the majority of users require.


Binreader works on Windows, MacOS X and Linux platforms. It also has a portable version; it is required to download zip version of an application, extract and copy files to desired USB stick or other portable device and start an application. An Android version is promised to come soon.


Binreader is very secure, providing SSL encryption and IPv6.


Binreader handles RAR and PAR2 files and it has an option of previewing media files during the download. Regarding RAR handing, three options are available:

  • Disabled
  • Start extracting while you download
  • Extract after download +repair

Advanced features

Binreader has some features that are classified as advanced:

  • It is possible to set a number of connections (up to 50)
  • If post is incomplete, it is possible download only PAR2 repair blocks
  • Using PAR2, Binreader can automatically repair downloads

Furthermore, is is possible to choose a Media player, set network time-out (in seconds) and set “retry after waiting” value. Finally, Binreader accepts some parameters, such as -noidx -quiet -vo direct3d -fs.

How does it work?

First of all, it is required to download an installation package (depending on the user’s OS). On every start (until this information is submitted), user is encouraged to enter NNTP server information. Once this information is entered, the program becomes fully functional.

Further, it is required to download NZB (if you don’t have your favorite, do not hesitate to consult our list of most popular and best NZB sites), to click Add NZB and select desired NZB file, and that’s it. A download will start automatically.


Binreader offers everything most users will ever require from NZB downloader. It has ease of use, it’s free, safe, portable and available for most platforms. In other words, it is great and as such, it has our recommendation.

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    Who Ever on

    How are people thinking when making usenet sftware these days…”Powerful”? Uhm…i think not. It doesn’t even have an option for multiple servers. (Everyone who thinks there’s enough to subscribe to ONE usenet provider (and, in most cases, not a Tier 1 provider either (even the “reviews” on this site compares providers thats just RESELLERS of Tier 1 providers…which means they all use exactly the same servers, and hence the completion is exactly the same – price depends on stuff like how much retention days, speed etc they buy from the back-end provider – its like having one single fiber-line for an ISP, and 10 different companies that all “buy up” a share of it with equal speeds…if there’s one website that one optical line can’t get to for some reason, then none of the 10 different companies will). I’m quite sure there’s ALOT of frustrated people out there (ones trying to use a Usenet Reader like this one anyway, which makes them unable even to use both the (usually) European and US servers that comes with a single subscription from almost all companies, FURTHER limiting completion and “broken downloads” that leave them with that QuckPAR message “Need 1 more block to repair”). In short, this software might work for the majority of the posts from the last half year…longer if the stuff happens to be posted by a user using a reseller of the same Tier 1 (or the Tier itself) provider, but if its posted with from another backbone, you’re more and more fucked the further back you go – don’t believe for a second you can download i.e. a movie or other large file posted 3-4 years ago with this software. Only advantage is its free. And it DOES work for smaller binaries…like, pictures and stuff (tho it also depends on what yEnc settings were used by the original poster), but who wants to go through the process of creating an NZB just to download pictures from usenet? (When the competition offers anything from internal search engine, thumbnails, (almost infinite) multiple server support (note that multiple server has nothing to do with number of connections – the no. of connections you just set to optimize the speed…and i’ve never needed more than 10 connections on any one server, though the more connections you use, the more memory the software uses when downloading). You want a free alternative that actually work, SABnzbd is your choice. If you can accept a one-time payment? Then NewsBin is definitely what you want.

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