August 2010 Usenet Newz

June 9, 2017

This month we are able to bring UsenetReviewz readers two special offers for two very high quality Usenet providers: Astraweb and UseNetServer

Special Pricing Offers

Check out our Usenet special offers to see our latest deals but to quickly hightlight the news. Both Astraweb and UseNetServer have cheap monthly plans but if you signup for a year in advance you can save a LOT of money of your Usenet service.

It’s less than $8/month if you signup for UseNetServer’s yearly plan at $95/year.

Also for Astraweb’s yearly plan the math works out to $8/month when you pay  $96/year.

While normally we don’t recommended signing up for a yearly plan, both Astraweb and UseNetServer have been in business for several years and continue have always offered solid service.They occasionally have minor blips in service but more or less both of these Usenet providers offer excellent service, retention and completion.

Check out our recommended Usenet special offers and coupons page and also if you want to be extra sure before you signup you can read our reviews of Astraweb and UseNetServer

Usenet Retention Increases

Giganews and Astraweb keep pushing the envelope on retention. Giganews has 2 years of retention and Astraweb is keeping close on their heels just 9 days behind.

New NZB Sites Appear

Merlin’s Portal appears to have closed doors and reopened as NZBportal. You can read our review of NZBPortal or even better be sure to check out our list of top NZB sites. When you check out list of top NZB sites remember that we do make a distinction between NZB sites and Usenet Search engines.

NZB sites in our definition are human edited whereas Usenet Search engine search indexes of data in real time. Both have their place and we suggest that you think about both when you investigate websites to make your appearance

UsenetServer Accepting Paypal

One of our favorite providers UseNetServer is finally accepting paypal. We don’t know why they didn’t do this sooner but this should be good especially for their international business.

Newshosting Offering Free Usenet access

Everyone is interested in free Usenet access and Newshosting is giving it away but only to former Cox Usenet service customers. Cox Usenet customers get a full 300 days free of Usenet access and while it’s a calculated marketing move, nonetheless its pretty cool of them to do so.  So if you are former Cox Usenet customer, then read our Newshosting Review for details.

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