Asustor Adds USENET Programs to Its App Library

April 17, 2013

Asustor Adds USENET Programs to Its App LibraryAsustor has recently added compatibility with several USENET apps to its NAS devices. To understand what that means, you’ll have to have an idea of what these NAS devices offer in the first place.

What Is Asustor?

Asustor is the manufacturer of the first NAS device that works on apps. The company produces NAS (Network Attached Storage) products that can be used for entertainment and business alike. These devices allow a sort of private cloud storage on your network, from which you can access whatever types of files you have stored on the device from any computer or other device on the network.

The addition of app functionality to the Asustor NAS devices means that they can do more than most of their competitors. If you’re a USENET user, you can now use your Asustor NAS to access content on your favorite newsgroups through the device. You’ll be able to use some of the most popular USENET programs out there with these new apps.

The New Apps

Anyone who has USENET access will likely have heard of these applications before. The new apps for the Asustor device include CouchPotato, Headphones, SABnzbdplus, Sickbeard and Subsonic. The programs allow for automated downloading, from NZB files and torrents alike, in some cases.

The automation involved means that there is a very high degree of user convenience involved in this addition of services to Asustor. The apps that you’ll need to take advantage of this are available from the Asustor App Central store. There are nearly 100 apps to be found in this store, offering a great deal of capability for these NAS devices.

Asustor has its own operating system and the apps on their site will work without any issues. When you’re at the app store, take a look at the listing for any app and look for Asustor listed as one of the supported systems.

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Getting the Devices

The Powerfile server and Digital Media Player comes at a minimum price of $500. Before you think that price is too daunting, you might want to consider what these devices can do.

They can stream files directly to your television or a computer. They can also play files directly, allowing you to skip using DLNA. These devices can also be used for productivity purposes and, of course, they act as a digital storage device separate from any of your hard drives, allowing you to dedicate the entire space to your entertainment files or whatever else you want to store on them.

What Does This Mean?

With the addition of these popular USENET apps to the Asustor lineup, the usefulness of USENET to NAS device users will be greatly increased. It’s easy to setup and use the programs and anyone should find them useful. You’ll need USENET access to make use of them to their fullest, however, but Asustor has taken a great stride forward in making their NAS devices more useful and flexible.

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