Astraweb Wins Our Best Value Award for 2011

March 5, 2017

Astraweb Astraweb has maintained their position on the top of the value charts by taking the $11 Astraweb deal they announced in 2009 and made it even better. They have made their unlimited plan $10, and continued to expand their already outstanding service. They have continued to increase their retention, and improve on their customer service to levels that has the competition looking to them for guidance. The best part of this is that they will give you affordable, secure, reliable, and unlimited UseNet access.

As long as Astraweb keeps the pressure on the competition wilh service and retention levels like theirs, their future looks great indeed…as does the future of their customers. Here’s a look at why they won the 2011 Best Value Award:

Best Usenet Value 2011 – Astraweb

$10 monthly unlimited UseNet access, or if you need faster access, they have $15 monthly unlimited DSL access. Both plans have up to 20 concurrent connections.

An incredible 4005 of retention with all their plans, not just one. Plus they keep increasing retention rates.

They have servers in both the U.S. and Europe. Users have posted of unbelievable download speeds. Partially due to the fact that they retain control of their servers and farms.

They also have pay-per-download plans, that are non-expiring and offer up to 180G of downloads for just $25. If you aren’t a heavy user that will be downloading on a regular basis, this is the way to go.

In all their packages they offer Unlimited UseNet access. This is what threw them to the top of the pile, so they are continuing with their good works. Right now their basic plan is only $10 and gives unlimited access and a 1 Meg rate limit. The better deal, $15, gives unlimited DSL access, and unlimited rate. But their absolute best deal is their $96 year Astraweb deal if you pay 12 months in advance, you get the unlimited DSL access for only $96! Astraweb has served to impress many in the Usenet community, and it looks like they are planning to continue with that tradition.

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