Astraweb Announces Improved Accounts And Speed Limits

February 20, 2012

The guys over at Astraweb have decided to make their first major announcement of the year a big one…they recently rolled out a few changes to their pricing tiers, and while they were working on things, they doubled their speed caps. They added the ability to get a pretty good discount by paying for an unlimited account quarterly, or every 3 months. They also added this feature to their DSL accounts, and they added in an additional block account of 1000 GB. Unlimited speeds are available on their DSL and block accounts, otherwise you will be limited to 10 Mb/sec speeds.

Along With These Changes

In keeping all things zen over at Astraweb, they are allowing any current specials, like the $11 p/mo unlimited DSL deal to continue. With this deal you can also make the purchase on an annual basis for a small $96 fee…and that’s quite a savings in itself. Here are a few more of the highlights of having Usenet access through Astraweb:

  • Unlimited and Block Accounts – Their block accounts never expire, which means you can use everything that you have paid for.
  • Speeds Are Great – They are on level 3 Limelight Networks and Savvis Internet backbone servers. Servers are located in N. Carolina, and in Europe.
  • Connections – With the unlimited month by month accounts you are able to use up to 20 concurrent connections, with block accounts you can use up to 50 at a time.
  • Retention – 1,281 days of binary retention with a 99%+ completion rate.
  • Security – Provided free using 256 bit SSL. Anonymity and privacy are both assured.

Summary Of The Changes

When it all comes down to it, access and speed are ultimately the 2 largest deciding factors when shopping for a provider. And, with speeds being unlimited on almost all of their accounts, only the unlimited non-DSL accounts will get this boost, but a doubling of the caps is a respectable jump. Adding in the quarterly payment options for their unlimited accounts also brings the cost down respectably, and when you assess the 1 TB block account for $50, it comes down to 20¢ for a single gigabyte…Thanks Astraweb.

If you would like to get a more detailed description of Astraweb and the service they offer, you can check them out more thoroughly in our Astraweb Review.

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