Announcing The 2014 Annual UsenetReviewz Provider Awards

January 17, 2014

AwardWe like to focus on only the best Usenet providers at UsenetReviewz. Poor performers and sub-par Usenet providers aren’t even considered for listing on our site. We think it’s not only a massive wast of our time to write reviews on sub-par providers, but a waste of your time, also. So if we can’t recommend a service as having at least some good qualities, you won’t find it here. But even here, there are some providers that hold their heads higher, along with their standards.

And that’s what the Annual UsenetReviewz Provider Awards are all about…the Usenet providers that hold themselves to a standard and quality far above the rest of our listed providers. And many do, in many different ways. This is why we have so many categories of provider awards. So many providers uphold those very qualities we are looking for in so many different ways. So, here is the list of 15 categories:

  • Most Innovative Usenet Provider
  • Most Improved Usenet Provider
  • Most Anonymous/Private Provider
  • Best Usenet Client Search
  • Best NZB Site
  • Best Usenet/Usenet Search Package Combo
  • Most Improved Simple Usenet Provider
  • Most Improved Newsreader
  • Best Small Newsreader
  • Best Web Based Newsreader
  • Best Newsreader
  • Top Quality Usenet Provider
  • Just The Usenet Basics Provider Award
  • Easiest To Use Usenet Provider
  • Best Deal/Value Usenet Provider 

We will be publishing the winners of each of the categories in their own separate post about the award and a short summary about the winner of the award over the course of the next few weeks. So check back to find out if your Usenet providers hold themselves to the higher standards that are required to receive one of our awards…

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