Announcement: Top NZB Site List Revamp/Update, Plus Popular Indexer NbzX Going Open Source

July 9, 2013

best nzb sites unrYou read that right, “Open Source.” If you are wondering about that, more below, but the first order of business:

In the coming days we will be revamping and updating our Best NZB Sites List. Please bear with us if it becomes unreadable or difficult. When we are finished with it we believe the final product will be of much more benefit to you, our faithful readers. So, over the next few days we will be removing the NZB indexing sites that have been closed down or changed addresses, then we will start adding new NZB indexing sites and reviews of the sites over the next couple of weeks. Which incidentally brings us to the nest subject of this Announcement,, and their shut down. Sort of…

NzbX coAccording to the original report from TorrentFreak, the very popular public NZB indexer,, will be closing their portal. In spite of the legitimacy of the site through rigid following DMCA and other legitimate take-down requests, the anti-piracy group FACT, (the Federation Against Copyright Theft,) used more than highly suspect methods by threatening a person who was obviously incapacitated and in recovery. They were even able to gain access to his  Facebook profile, (Lemon said the agent had a pic from his Facebook page which is kept completely private,) so ignorance of his (and his wife’s) conditions is not a truly valid excuse, well wishes were apparent on his Facebook profile. If FACT doesn’t accept responsibility for these Nazi-like tactics, then the agent should be held accountable.

open sourceBut in the end, Lemon made the best possible decision in the interest of his and his wife’s’ health. But all is not lost. In a statement on the NzbX website, (now shut down,) Lemon has promised to package the index, with software that will search, sync, and update the database of NZBs available. It will be Open Source, so input from the user community will weigh heavily in adapting new features and functions. We sent an email requesting more information about his scheme, and are awaiting an answer from him…hopefully with a sampling that we can review. So while we are waiting anxiously to check out whatever comes from that, we’ll begin the revamping/updating of our Best NZB Sites page.

twitlogoNow more about our first task, the revamping and updating of the Best NZB Site List Page. Our first order of business will be to verify NZB indexing sites, and eliminate the sites that have been taken down, or closed for some reason. After that we will begin adding in new NZB indexers that we have noticed, so if there’s a new NZB indexer that you think we should write a review on, or include in the Best NZB Sites List,  just let us know. Send us a Tweet to us at: @usenetreviewz.

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