Android Version of Newsbin’s NZB Remote Available

December 9, 2013

An article on the Newsbin forums announced the release of the Newsbin Remote for Android 1.0.3 this week. The version is “pretty much” fully functional at this point, according to the post. The developers plan on releasing this on Google Play sometime next week. The download won’t cost anything, but you’ll need to have the registered version of Newsbin to connect with it from your Android device. – Also read full review of Newsbin here.

The developers are asking for some feedback from people who have any trouble with the new app. There have been some reports, according to the post, but the developers haven’t been able to recreate the reported problems. If you have something to offer in terms of troubleshooting, they want to hear from you.

There have been some changes in this version. You can now connect without selecting a server and the About box has been updated. The new version also has header downloads by group and can update all groups, as well.

You can get the latest version, and perhaps do a bit of troubleshooting for the devs, right here.


Newsbin’s NZB Remote Android Version

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