Alt Binz Review

Last Updated: May 08, 2019

Alt Binz Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention 500 Days
Free Trial None
Features Windows Only NZB Downloader
Multi Server Support
Auto PAR and RAR

Alt.Binz is a freeware USENET downloader. You can make a donation to the development team to support them but, if you’re not so inclined, you can use it for free for as long as you want.

The interface on this program is somewhat dated looking, but it has a lot of features packed into it and is a good option for power users.

This program isn’t attached to any provider, so you can use it with whatever service you want. It even supports multiple news server connections. If you have more than one USENET account, this makes Alt.Binz worth taking a look at.


This is a Windows-only program. It installs via an EXE file and there’s nothing remarkable about the installation process at all.

After it’s installed, you can minimize it to the system tray to keep it clear of your workspace while it’s downloading NZBs.

Using the Program

The interface on Alt.Binz is very complex. Most of the options available in the Setup menu are also available via buttons on the main screen. It might take some work to learn your way around.

The interface might not be the sleekest thing out there but, for users who like a lot of features and having all of them right on the main program screen, Alt.Binz does deliver.

Alt.Binz Screenshots

Alt.binz Main Image Alt.binz Setup Alt.binz Nzbs Alt.binz Servers Alt.binz Scheduler Alt.binz Nzbplay

Technical Details

Alt.Binz offers features that are pretty much in line with what most other newsreaders offer.

It supports NZB files, of course, and handles PAR and RAR files automatically. It will also repair damaged files.

The program doesn’t come with its own built-in search, but it supports a variety of search services, including NZBIndex, Super Search, Binsearch, NewsLeech and many others.

Alt.Binz will let you download from more than one server at a time. If you have a very fast connection, this newsreader will certainly let you max it out.

The various search features this program supports, in fact, demonstrate where Alt.Binz excels: flexibility. Because it’s not attached to a particular USENET provider, it does a great job in providing a sort of all-around reader. You can add multiple servers, multiple search services, schedule downloads, work with RSS feeds and much more.


Alt.Binz is a good option for power users. It’s highly configurable, flexible and, should you switch USENET services, you don’t have to get an entirely new newsreader.

This program is not likely to appeal to beginners, however. It’s not good where handholding is concerned, so people who are new to USENET might want to stick to one of the easier options out there. Support is available via forums, which can be accessed from a button on the program’s main screen, naturally.

Summary Page

Alt.Binz is a freeware newsreader with a very complex interface. For users who are experienced with NZB downloaders and who want something that’s feature-rich and completely free, this is a good program to check out. It can repair damaged files and allows you to schedule downloads. It also works with RSS feeds and can handle multiple servers.

Alt.Binz can even work with multiple search services. It’s not connected to any one provider, offering a great deal of flexibility in that regard. Overall, this is an excellent program, but might be a bit too complex for the beginners out there.

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