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Altbinaries is one of the older UseNet service providers out there has been providing services since 1997.  They have about 600TB of data storage available on their servers claim that 15% of all global Usenet data on any host server has passed through their servers before reaching to its host. The service is available only in English language.

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Binary Retention:

Altbinaries is currently offering 200 retention in all newsgroups. They have a future milestone to increase it to 200-250 days. You can visit their website to check the current level of retention they are offering. 300+ uncensored binary newsgroups.


Altbinaries provide three main plans of block subscription based upon the download limit. They offer 10 GB, 40 GB and 80 GB packages having $4.25, $8.95 and $12.95 monthly rates respectively. There is another good option also available that you can customize your bulk packages according to your need.  You can increase the size of data and the price will also increase accordingly and you can also get the package for multiple months by paying for the required number of months.

Free Trial:

While they do not have free trials, they do allow you to check out the web based picture browsing interface.


Presently no coupons are available. However take advantages of special pricing by prepaying.


They claim 219 GB file transfer per hour speed and 474 posts per second on their internal server. Our own download tests, seem to show good connections. Video will be forthcoming.


They have 256-bit SSL encryption SLL which is available with ALL plans without any extra charges. Altbinaries also promises to not to share their user’s information with any third parties unless required by law.

Other Nice Features:

They provide 100% spam filtered feed so any unwanted or disturbing content could not irritate the users. Be sure to check out their web based picture browsing interface.


Altbinaries offers a good if you prepay and you like their picture browsing service.. They accept a variety of payment options and including  SSL is a nice bonus too.


Being older in the market shows consistency in their business. Check out their webpage and look at the customizeable bulk packages and pre payement options to get yourself the best deal.

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Alt Binaries

Editor Rating
3 stars
Price4 - 19
Free TrialNo Free Trial No
US Serverus server Yes
EU Serverno eu server No
PaypalPaypal Accepted Yes
BitcoinNo Bitcoin Accepted No

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  1. Paul on October 17th, 2011

    They do have an EU server

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