Advantages of Usenet

January 14, 2010

With regards to anonymity and privacy for file downloads, Usenet offers several important advantages over other  programs like utorrent. Also unlike limewire, edonkey. mp3rocket – there is no requirement to upload or share. Here are the top three reasons for using Usenet.

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  • Privacy – What you download remains anonymous. If you include a SSL connection then your downloads are completely private.
  • No Sharing Required –  there is no requirement to share files you are download.
  • High Speed Downloads – With many Usenet providers, your download speed is only limited by your ISP’s bandwidth. Read our reviews for high speed Usenet services.

Usenet is based upon a network architecture that predates the Internet. Uploaded files may enter the Internet ecosystem through a variety of channels and with most pay Usenet services – see our Usenet reviews are then stored and forwarded to peer (other usenet networks).  Uploaded files move through the Usenet network in a constantly changing network structure.

Lawsuits against Usenet providers are nothing new and the Usenet network like the Internet will not be taken down or stopped. Usenet newsgroups serve many purposes. Communities and support groups for various issues are one of many positives in addition to the alt.binaries, where people post binary files.

In summary, if you are downloading files off of Usenet you have much more privacy and anonymity in comparison to various other networks. Plus if you choose the right Usenet service you can download at very high speed. Check out our list of recommended Usenet servers for more information.

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