Advantages Of Moderated Newsgroups

Moderated USENET newsgroups offer quite a few advantages over newsgroups that don’t have any moderators at all. One of the biggest problems on the USENET in the past was the propagation of spam across most of the groups. This drove many users away from this great resource, even though the best groups on USENET were never deluged with spam.

Another problem that sometimes occurs in any type of a discussion forum, USENET or Internet-based, is when people violate the rules of netiquette, harass other posters are simply post information that is not at all relevant to the topic being discussed. The solution to this, USENET users found out long ago, is the moderator.

A moderator is not a censor. A moderator takes a look at any post that is submitted to the group and determines whether it is on topic, appropriate for the newsgroup and whether it follows the rules of netiquette and is respectful to the other users on that newsgroup.

If the post seems useful to the other users, it is approved and will appear on the newsgroup. If it is spam or a similar waste of time, it is simply deleted.

Problems with spam plague just about every Internet-based form of communication, as well as the USENET. Moderated newsgroups turned out to be the best way to combat this problem, as well. With a good moderator, commercial posts are ferreted out quickly and this prevents them from showing up on the newsgroup at all.

This means that the newsgroups can perform their function as intended, serving as great venues for communication about a wide variety of topics and providing USENET users with useful the resources to get solid and reliable information about the subjects of the conversations.

A moderated USENET newsgroup is a great place to start out participating in discussions. The moderator ensures that you never have to worry about being harassed and that, if you ask sensible questions, any of the posts you get in reply to those questions will be respectful and useful to you.

Most of the best USENET groups are moderated. The moderated groups are also far more likely to be propagated by many different servers and to belong to one of the Big Eight hierarchies that constitute the most widely read, widely participated in and widely propagated of all of the newsgroups available on this discussion forum.

Moderated forums are generally preferred by the most experienced USENET users. Once you understand the capabilities of this discussion format, it’s hard to tolerate anything that distracts from substantive conversation. A moderated newsgroup ensures that you’re always getting the best of what the system has to offer its subscribers.

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