ABook.ws Review

ABook.ws Review
4 / 5
ABook.ws Review
Rating 4 Stars
Price Free
Retention Days
Features Members Only
Invite only
Unlimited downloads.
Platform Vbulletin

Abook.ws is all about audiobooks. This site has a forum-style interface, so it’s easy to network with other users, ask questions and so forth. Abook.ws lets you browse its forums for free, but downloading an NZB from the site requires a membership. For people who love audiobooks, this is a nicely-specialized site.

Abook.ws Highlighted Features

  • Forum-Based Audiobook NZBs
  • Free AccountNo Downloads
  • VIP Account Unlimited-
  • Retention – over days of binary
  • Audiobook groups only
  • Download from forum posts
  • Ads: Yes
  • Forum for all users
  • Invites: Not available
  • IRC: On site
  • Integrations: Forum-based.
  • Privacy: SSL
  • Hardware details: Not available
  • Payment Options: Bitcoin

Membership Levels for Abook.ws

Free Donator
Price $0 Invite only
NZBs Daily 0 N/A
Invites 0 N/A
API Calls 0 N/A
Forum Access Yes Yes

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Response Time Chart for ABook.ws

Response Time Chart for ABook.ws

Uptime Chart for ABook.ws

Uptime Chart for ABook.ws
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ABook.ws is available on an invite-only basis at the moment. If that changes, we’ll let you know. The site seems perfect for people who are only interested in downloading audiobooks, however, and the forum posts are entirely browseable, so you can see if it’s worth figuring out how to get an invitation or not based on what’s available.

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4 Comments about ABook.ws Review

  1. buck on September 11th, 2013


    first of all, thank you very much for the review.

    I’d like to add a couple of things though. Everybody who is registered at the site will have access to the old blog content, not just the old users. Also, the platform we run on is SMF 2.0x and not Vbulletin.

    For those who already know kleverig, we basically use the same concept, only with audiobooks instead of porn.

    Again, thanks for the nice review.


  2. jstew9253@gmail.com on August 22nd, 2014

    Currently by invite only, no way to contact them.

  3. Marion Marshall on August 22nd, 2014

    Thanks for your comment. The website status has been updated.

  4. Marion Marshall on September 17th, 2014

    Youn can contact them via IRC accesible via their homepage.

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